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Winter flowers for your wedding and event

Winter flowers for your wedding and event

Nowadays, with more and more blooms being imported from warmer climates, there’s a wide range of winter wedding flowers available. And don’t forget that there are also some spectacular flowers that are seasonal at this time of year.
Some of my favourite flowers available at this time of year include ranunculus, tulips, peonies and roses. These flowers can be used in most types of arrangement and can give a pleasant finish to the overall design. Colours include white, purple, deep red, orange, yellow and pink.

There are also hydrangea, iris and vanda (a type of orchid) that can create nice effects.
One unusual flower that is available in winter is Anigozanthos. This commonly grows in Australia. It has a wonderful soft feel, which makes it useful for adding texture as well as colour to reception arrangements. It is available in yellow, pale pearly pink, lime green or rich dark red.

Amaryllis is a winter flowering plant that looks at its best in table decorations. With its tall stems (up to 75cm) and huge flower heads, these plants are perfect for tall vases and centrepieces, and are available in red, white and white/pink varieties.

Nerine is a delicate flower available in red, pink and white. These make a pretty addition to a winter bride bouquet or centrepiece arrangement if you’re looking for something a little bit different.

To add some warming shades of orange and red, include foliage and berries such as iles, hypericum, holy ivy, quercus, rubus or similar.

At this time of year you can find pussy willow. It’s almost impossible to resist stroking the soft and delicate fur-like buds. Pussy willow is also surprisingly pliable and can be bent into many interesting shapes.

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