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Gold: how to bring some shine and still look fine

Gold: how to bring some shine and still look fine

Gold: a sumptuously warm and bright colour, the symbol of riches, wealth and prosperity. Those who favour gold are said to be born optimists. Gold is linked with divinity & is associated with those gods linked to the sun. Of course, gold is also the traditional gift for a 50th wedding anniversary, so we say start as you mean to go on!


The use of gold as your main wedding colour theme should be carefully orchestrated, so as to not to create a tacky or garish looking finish. Gold has always been a popular wedding colour which not only looks stunning when used as attractive embroidery on the wedding dreAltarss, but also as a signature colour for your wedding. When choosing accent colours to embellish your golden theme, you could start with your favourite colour, the colour of a favourite flower you have in mind, or even colours that compliment the skin tones of your groom or bridesmaids.

From a basic colour, you can derive a variety of different shades and tones so you are bound to find one that will be perfect for you. If you want your wedding to be warm, traditional and luxurious, use gold very carefully and in small doses. Combining gold with neutral colours such as ivories, creams and whites gives off a subtle, classy and graciously sophisticated look at a wedding. Or you can add a certain richness by including bolder colours such as deep purples, royal blues, ruby reds and emerald greens, which exude extravagance and frontregality, without being tacky.


Gold can also work beautifully not only as the primary colour of a wedding, but also when being used to embellish other colour schemes. A touch of gold added to earthy colour schemes such as oranges, greens and browns will tone the colours down a little, giving theme a golden glow. Adding gold to certain colours can change the look completely and help colours adapt to different seasons – for example, using gold as the accent colour to deep greens, reds and purples will also give you a festive yet luxurious colour scheme for winter weddings.


Of course, gold does not make an easy bedfellow for all colours: paired with pastel colours such as very pale pinks, pastel yellows, pale greens and lilacs, gold loses its richness, giving a less-than-classy look to a wedding. Just remember warm colours go with gold and cool colours go with silver.

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