Fifteen years of finesse

It’s hard to believe that our beautifully different™ boutique store in Paola turns five this year!  Even harder to believe we’re celebrating 15 years of finesse in floral décor, and blooming the expectations of the community across Malta, Gozo and beyond!

And what a fabulous journey it has been so far.  A small seed planted in the head (and the heart) of a seven-year-old altar boy by the local women of Żejtun as they dressed up the parish church for the annual Easter celebrations. Nurtured and encouraged throughout the years, growing bolder and stronger; learning and developing; innovating and creating; from our first wedding décor, to embellishing the finest five-star hotels, beautifying business venues, gracing governmental, national and international conferences and events, and more.

Thank you for being a part of our journey so far.  Thank you for your faith, trust and confidence in us. We look forward to the next five years and even the next fifteen years of bringing you the very best range of beautiful and unqiue items – from the most exclusive and respected designers  & craftspeople in the industry across Europe and beyond.

All from the comfort and convenience of our beautifully different™ boutique store here in the heart of the South.